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BuiltinTypes.h File Reference
#include "mlir/IR/BuiltinAttributeInterfaces.h"
#include "mlir/IR/BuiltinTypeInterfaces.h"
#include "mlir/IR/SubElementInterfaces.h"
#include "mlir/IR/"
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class  mlir::FloatType
class  mlir::TensorType
 Tensor types represent multi-dimensional arrays, and have two variants: RankedTensorType and UnrankedTensorType. More...
class  mlir::BaseMemRefType
 This class provides a shared interface for ranked and unranked memref types. More...
class  mlir::MemRefType::Builder
 This is a builder type that keeps local references to arguments. More...
class  mlir::RankedTensorType::Builder
 This is a builder type that keeps local references to arguments. More...
class  mlir::VectorType::Builder
 This is a builder type that keeps local references to arguments. More...


 The OpAsmOpInterface, see for more details.
 Include the generated interface declarations.




enum  mlir::SliceVerificationResult {
  mlir::SliceVerificationResult::Success, mlir::SliceVerificationResult::RankTooLarge, mlir::SliceVerificationResult::SizeMismatch, mlir::SliceVerificationResult::ElemTypeMismatch,
  mlir::SliceVerificationResult::MemSpaceMismatch, mlir::SliceVerificationResult::LayoutMismatch
 Enum that captures information related to verifier error conditions on slice insert/extract type of ops. More...


llvm::Optional< llvm::SmallDenseSet< unsigned > > mlir::computeRankReductionMask (ArrayRef< int64_t > originalShape, ArrayRef< int64_t > reducedShape)
 Given an originalShape and a reducedShape assumed to be a subset of originalShape with some 1 entries erased, return the set of indices that specifies which of the entries of originalShape are dropped to obtain reducedShape. More...
SliceVerificationResult mlir::isRankReducedType (ShapedType originalType, ShapedType candidateReducedType)
 Check if originalType can be rank reduced to candidateReducedType type by dropping some dimensions with static size 1. More...
LogicalResult mlir::getStridesAndOffset (MemRefType t, SmallVectorImpl< int64_t > &strides, int64_t &offset)
 Returns the strides of the MemRef if the layout map is in strided form. More...
MemRefType mlir::canonicalizeStridedLayout (MemRefType t)
 Return a version of t with identity layout if it can be determined statically that the layout is the canonical contiguous strided layout. More...
AffineExpr mlir::makeCanonicalStridedLayoutExpr (ArrayRef< int64_t > sizes, ArrayRef< AffineExpr > exprs, MLIRContext *context)
 Given MemRef sizes that are either static or dynamic, returns the canonical "contiguous" strides AffineExpr. More...
AffineExpr mlir::makeCanonicalStridedLayoutExpr (ArrayRef< int64_t > sizes, MLIRContext *context)
 Return the result of makeCanonicalStrudedLayoutExpr for the common case where exprs is {d0, d1, .., d_(sizes.size()-1)}. More...
bool mlir::isStrided (MemRefType t)
 Return true if the layout for t is compatible with strided semantics. More...

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