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LLVM.h File Reference
#include "mlir-c/IR.h"
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MLIR_CAPI_EXPORTED MlirType mlirLLVMPointerTypeGet (MlirType pointee, unsigned addressSpace)
 Creates an llvm.ptr type. More...
MLIR_CAPI_EXPORTED MlirType mlirLLVMVoidTypeGet (MlirContext ctx)
 Creates an llmv.void type. More...
MLIR_CAPI_EXPORTED MlirType mlirLLVMArrayTypeGet (MlirType elementType, unsigned numElements)
 Creates an llvm.array type. More...
MLIR_CAPI_EXPORTED MlirType mlirLLVMFunctionTypeGet (MlirType resultType, intptr_t nArgumentTypes, MlirType const *argumentTypes, bool isVarArg)
 Creates an llvm.func type. More...
MLIR_CAPI_EXPORTED MlirType mlirLLVMStructTypeLiteralGet (MlirContext ctx, intptr_t nFieldTypes, MlirType const *fieldTypes, bool isPacked)
 Creates an LLVM literal (unnamed) struct type. More...

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◆ mlirLLVMArrayTypeGet()

MLIR_CAPI_EXPORTED MlirType mlirLLVMArrayTypeGet ( MlirType  elementType,
unsigned  numElements 

Creates an llvm.array type.

Definition at line 27 of file LLVM.cpp.

References mlir::LLVM::LLVMArrayType::get(), unwrap(), and wrap().

◆ mlirLLVMFunctionTypeGet()

MLIR_CAPI_EXPORTED MlirType mlirLLVMFunctionTypeGet ( MlirType  resultType,
intptr_t  nArgumentTypes,
MlirType const *  argumentTypes,
bool  isVarArg 

Creates an llvm.func type.

Definition at line 31 of file LLVM.cpp.

References mlir::LLVM::LLVMFunctionType::get(), unwrap(), unwrapList(), and wrap().

◆ mlirLLVMPointerTypeGet()

MLIR_CAPI_EXPORTED MlirType mlirLLVMPointerTypeGet ( MlirType  pointee,
unsigned  addressSpace 

Creates an llvm.ptr type.

Definition at line 19 of file LLVM.cpp.

References mlir::LLVM::LLVMPointerType::get(), unwrap(), and wrap().

◆ mlirLLVMStructTypeLiteralGet()

MLIR_CAPI_EXPORTED MlirType mlirLLVMStructTypeLiteralGet ( MlirContext  ctx,
intptr_t  nFieldTypes,
MlirType const *  fieldTypes,
bool  isPacked 

Creates an LLVM literal (unnamed) struct type.

Definition at line 39 of file LLVM.cpp.

References mlir::LLVM::LLVMStructType::getLiteral(), unwrap(), unwrapList(), and wrap().

◆ mlirLLVMVoidTypeGet()

MLIR_CAPI_EXPORTED MlirType mlirLLVMVoidTypeGet ( MlirContext  ctx)

Creates an llmv.void type.

Definition at line 23 of file LLVM.cpp.

References unwrap(), and wrap().