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mlir::AffineBound Class Reference

AffineBound represents a lower or upper bound in the for operation. More...

#include "mlir/Dialect/Affine/IR/AffineOps.h"

Public Types

using operand_iterator = AffineForOp::operand_iterator
using operand_range = AffineForOp::operand_range

Public Member Functions

AffineForOp getAffineForOp ()
AffineMap getMap ()
unsigned getNumOperands ()
Value getOperand (unsigned idx)
operand_iterator operandBegin ()
operand_iterator operandEnd ()
operand_range getOperands ()


class AffineForOp

Detailed Description

AffineBound represents a lower or upper bound in the for operation.

This class does not own the underlying operands. Instead, it refers to the operands stored in the AffineForOp. Its life span should not exceed that of the for operation it refers to.

Definition at line 449 of file AffineOps.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ operand_iterator

using mlir::AffineBound::operand_iterator = AffineForOp::operand_iterator

Definition at line 457 of file AffineOps.h.

◆ operand_range

using mlir::AffineBound::operand_range = AffineForOp::operand_range

Definition at line 458 of file AffineOps.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getAffineForOp()

AffineForOp mlir::AffineBound::getAffineForOp ( )

Definition at line 451 of file AffineOps.h.

◆ getMap()

AffineMap mlir::AffineBound::getMap ( )

◆ getNumOperands()

unsigned mlir::AffineBound::getNumOperands ( )

◆ getOperand()

Value mlir::AffineBound::getOperand ( unsigned  idx)

◆ getOperands()

operand_range mlir::AffineBound::getOperands ( )

Definition at line 462 of file AffineOps.h.

Referenced by mlir::coalesceLoops(), and mlir::normalizeAffineFor().

◆ operandBegin()

operand_iterator mlir::AffineBound::operandBegin ( )

Definition at line 460 of file AffineOps.h.

◆ operandEnd()

operand_iterator mlir::AffineBound::operandEnd ( )

Definition at line 461 of file AffineOps.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ AffineForOp

friend class AffineForOp

Definition at line 476 of file AffineOps.h.

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