Multi-Level IR Compiler Framework

Users of MLIR

In alphabetical order below.

Flang: the LLVM Fortran compiler

The high level IR of the Fortran compiler is modeled using MLIR.


IREE (pronounced “eerie”) is a compiler and minimal runtime system for compiling ML models for execution against a HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) that is aligned with Vulkan. It aims to be a viable way to compile and run ML devices on a variety of small and medium sized systems, leveraging either the GPU (via Vulkan/SPIR-V), CPU or some combination. It also aims to interoperate seamlessly with existing users of Vulkan APIs, specifically focused on games and rendering pipelines.


PlaidML is a tensor compiler that facilitates reusable and performance portable ML models across various hardware targets including CPUs, GPUs, and accelerators.


RISE is a spiritual successor to the Lift project : “a high-level functional data parallel language with a system of rewrite rules which encode algorithmic and hardware-specific optimisation choices”.


MLIR is used as a Graph Transformation framework and the foundation for building many tools (TFLite converter, quantization, …).