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Utils.h File Reference
#include "mlir/Dialect/Tensor/IR/Tensor.h"

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 Include the generated interface declarations.


PadOp mlir::tensor::createPadHighOp (RankedTensorType type, Value source, Value pad, bool nofold, Location loc, OpBuilder &builder)
SmallVector< Valuemlir::tensor::createDynamicDimValues (OpBuilder &b, Location loc, Value rankedTensor)
FailureOr< RankedTensorType > mlir::tensor::computeTransposedType (RankedTensorType rankedTensorType, ArrayRef< int64_t > transposeVector)
 Returns the transposed rankedTensorType if transposeVector is non-empty. More...
SmallVector< int64_t > mlir::tensor::getPackInverseDestPerm (tensor::PackOp packOp)
SmallVector< int64_t > mlir::tensor::getUnPackInverseSrcPerm (tensor::UnPackOp unpackOp)
SmallVector< int64_t > mlir::tensor::getUnPackInverseSrcPerm (tensor::UnPackOp, PackingMetadata &metadata)
bool mlir::tensor::isCastLikeInsertSliceOp (InsertSliceOp op)
 A tensor.insert_slice is a cast-like operation if it merely rank-extends the source tensor or inserts the source tensor into a destination tensor with the same shape. More...
bool mlir::tensor::isCastLikeExtractSliceOp (ExtractSliceOp op)
 A tensor.extract_slice is a cast-like operation if it merely rank-reduces unit dimensions of the source tensor or extracts the entire source tensor. More...