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SlowMPInt.h File Reference
#include "mlir/Support/MathExtras.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/APInt.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/Hashing.h"
#include "llvm/Support/raw_ostream.h"

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class  mlir::presburger::detail::SlowMPInt
 A simple class providing multi-precision arithmetic. More...


 Include the generated interface declarations.


llvm::raw_ostream & mlir::presburger::detail::operator<< (llvm::raw_ostream &os, const SlowMPInt &x)
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::mod (const SlowMPInt &lhs, const SlowMPInt &rhs)
 Returns the remainder of dividing LHS by RHS. More...
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::lcm (const SlowMPInt &a, const SlowMPInt &b)
 Returns the least common multiple of 'a' and 'b'. More...
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::abs (const SlowMPInt &x)
 Redeclarations of friend declarations above to make it discoverable by lookups. More...
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::ceilDiv (const SlowMPInt &lhs, const SlowMPInt &rhs)
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::floorDiv (const SlowMPInt &lhs, const SlowMPInt &rhs)
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::gcd (const SlowMPInt &a, const SlowMPInt &b)
llvm::hash_code mlir::presburger::detail::hash_value (const SlowMPInt &x)
SlowMPInt & mlir::presburger::detail::operator+= (SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
SlowMPInt & mlir::presburger::detail::operator-= (SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
SlowMPInt & mlir::presburger::detail::operator*= (SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
SlowMPInt & mlir::presburger::detail::operator/= (SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
SlowMPInt & mlir::presburger::detail::operator%= (SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
bool mlir::presburger::detail::operator== (const SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
bool mlir::presburger::detail::operator!= (const SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
bool mlir::presburger::detail::operator> (const SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
bool mlir::presburger::detail::operator< (const SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
bool mlir::presburger::detail::operator<= (const SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
bool mlir::presburger::detail::operator>= (const SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::operator+ (const SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::operator- (const SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::operator* (const SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::operator/ (const SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::operator% (const SlowMPInt &a, int64_t b)
bool mlir::presburger::detail::operator== (int64_t a, const SlowMPInt &b)
bool mlir::presburger::detail::operator!= (int64_t a, const SlowMPInt &b)
bool mlir::presburger::detail::operator> (int64_t a, const SlowMPInt &b)
bool mlir::presburger::detail::operator< (int64_t a, const SlowMPInt &b)
bool mlir::presburger::detail::operator<= (int64_t a, const SlowMPInt &b)
bool mlir::presburger::detail::operator>= (int64_t a, const SlowMPInt &b)
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::operator+ (int64_t a, const SlowMPInt &b)
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::operator- (int64_t a, const SlowMPInt &b)
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::operator* (int64_t a, const SlowMPInt &b)
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::operator/ (int64_t a, const SlowMPInt &b)
SlowMPInt mlir::presburger::detail::operator% (int64_t a, const SlowMPInt &b)