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Fraction.h File Reference
#include "mlir/Support/MathExtras.h"
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struct  mlir::presburger::Fraction
 A class to represent fractions. More...


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int mlir::presburger::compare (Fraction x, Fraction y)
 Three-way comparison between two fractions. More...
int64_t mlir::presburger::floor (Fraction f)
int64_t mlir::presburger::ceil (Fraction f)
Fraction mlir::presburger::operator- (Fraction x)
bool mlir::presburger::operator< (Fraction x, Fraction y)
bool mlir::presburger::operator<= (Fraction x, Fraction y)
bool mlir::presburger::operator== (Fraction x, Fraction y)
bool mlir::presburger::operator!= (Fraction x, Fraction y)
bool mlir::presburger::operator> (Fraction x, Fraction y)
bool mlir::presburger::operator>= (Fraction x, Fraction y)
Fraction mlir::presburger::operator* (Fraction x, Fraction y)