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FunctionImplementation.h File Reference
#include "mlir/IR/FunctionInterfaces.h"
#include "mlir/IR/OpImplementation.h"
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class  mlir::function_interface_impl::VariadicFlag
 A named class for passing around the variadic flag. More...


 Include the generated interface declarations.


using mlir::function_interface_impl::FuncTypeBuilder = function_ref< Type(Builder &, ArrayRef< Type >, ArrayRef< Type >, VariadicFlag, std::string &)>
 Callback type for parseFunctionOp, the callback should produce the type that will be associated with a function-like operation from lists of function arguments and results, VariadicFlag indicates whether the function should have variadic arguments; in case of error, it may populate the last argument with a message. More...


void mlir::function_interface_impl::addArgAndResultAttrs (Builder &builder, OperationState &result, ArrayRef< DictionaryAttr > argAttrs, ArrayRef< DictionaryAttr > resultAttrs)
 Adds argument and result attributes, provided as argAttrs and resultAttrs arguments, to the list of operation attributes in result. More...
void mlir::function_interface_impl::addArgAndResultAttrs (Builder &builder, OperationState &result, ArrayRef< OpAsmParser::Argument > argAttrs, ArrayRef< DictionaryAttr > resultAttrs)
ParseResult mlir::function_interface_impl::parseFunctionSignature (OpAsmParser &parser, bool allowVariadic, SmallVectorImpl< OpAsmParser::Argument > &arguments, bool &isVariadic, SmallVectorImpl< Type > &resultTypes, SmallVectorImpl< DictionaryAttr > &resultAttrs)
 Parses a function signature using parser. More...
Type mlir::function_interface_impl::getFunctionType (Builder &builder, ArrayRef< OpAsmParser::Argument > argAttrs, ArrayRef< Type > resultTypes)
 Get a function type corresponding to an array of arguments (which have types) and a set of result types. More...
ParseResult mlir::function_interface_impl::parseFunctionOp (OpAsmParser &parser, OperationState &result, bool allowVariadic, FuncTypeBuilder funcTypeBuilder)
 Parser implementation for function-like operations. More...
void mlir::function_interface_impl::printFunctionOp (OpAsmPrinter &p, FunctionOpInterface op, bool isVariadic)
 Printer implementation for function-like operations. More...
void mlir::function_interface_impl::printFunctionSignature (OpAsmPrinter &p, Operation *op, ArrayRef< Type > argTypes, bool isVariadic, ArrayRef< Type > resultTypes)
 Prints the signature of the function-like operation op. More...
void mlir::function_interface_impl::printFunctionAttributes (OpAsmPrinter &p, Operation *op, unsigned numInputs, unsigned numResults, ArrayRef< StringRef > elided={})
 Prints the list of function prefixed with the "attributes" keyword. More...