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mlir::python::PyValue Class Reference

Wrapper around the generic MlirValue. More...

#include "Bindings/Python/IRModule.h"

Public Member Functions

virtual ~PyValue ()=default
 PyValue (PyOperationRef parentOperation, MlirValue value)
 operator MlirValue () const
MlirValue get ()
PyOperationRefgetParentOperation ()
void checkValid ()
pybind11::object getCapsule ()
 Gets a capsule wrapping the void* within the MlirValue. More...
pybind11::object maybeDownCast ()

Static Public Member Functions

static PyValue createFromCapsule (pybind11::object capsule)
 Creates a PyValue from the MlirValue wrapped by a capsule. More...

Detailed Description

Wrapper around the generic MlirValue.

Values are managed completely by the operation that resulted in their definition. For op result value, this is the operation that defines the value. For block argument values, this is the operation that contains the block to which the value is an argument (blocks cannot be detached in Python bindings so such operation always exists).

Definition at line 1120 of file IRModule.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~PyValue()

virtual mlir::python::PyValue::~PyValue ( )

◆ PyValue()

mlir::python::PyValue::PyValue ( PyOperationRef  parentOperation,
MlirValue  value 

Definition at line 1126 of file IRModule.h.

Referenced by createFromCapsule().

Member Function Documentation

◆ checkValid()

void mlir::python::PyValue::checkValid ( )

Definition at line 1133 of file IRModule.h.

References mlir::python::PyOperation::checkValid().

◆ createFromCapsule()

PyValue PyValue::createFromCapsule ( pybind11::object  capsule)

◆ get()

MlirValue mlir::python::PyValue::get ( )

Definition at line 1130 of file IRModule.h.

Referenced by getCapsule(), and maybeDownCast().

◆ getCapsule()

pybind11::object PyValue::getCapsule ( )

Gets a capsule wrapping the void* within the MlirValue.

Definition at line 1936 of file IRCore.cpp.

References get(), and mlirPythonValueToCapsule().

◆ getParentOperation()

PyOperationRef& mlir::python::PyValue::getParentOperation ( )

Definition at line 1131 of file IRModule.h.

◆ maybeDownCast()

pybind11::object PyValue::maybeDownCast ( )

◆ operator MlirValue()

mlir::python::PyValue::operator MlirValue ( ) const

Definition at line 1128 of file IRModule.h.

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