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mlir::OpTrait::NOperands< N >::Impl< ConcreteType > Class Template Reference

#include "mlir/IR/OpDefinition.h"

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Static Public Member Functions

static LogicalResult verifyTrait (Operation *op)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from mlir::OpTrait::detail::MultiOperandTraitBase< ConcreteType, NOperands< N >::Impl >
using operand_iterator = Operation::operand_iterator
using operand_range = Operation::operand_range
using operand_type_iterator = Operation::operand_type_iterator
using operand_type_range = Operation::operand_type_range
- Public Member Functions inherited from mlir::OpTrait::detail::MultiOperandTraitBase< ConcreteType, NOperands< N >::Impl >
unsigned getNumOperands ()
 Return the number of operands. More...
Value getOperand (unsigned i)
 Return the operand at index 'i'. More...
void setOperand (unsigned i, Value value)
 Set the operand at index 'i' to 'value'. More...
operand_iterator operand_begin ()
 Operand iterator access. More...
operand_iterator operand_end ()
operand_range getOperands ()
operand_type_iterator operand_type_begin ()
 Operand type access. More...
operand_type_iterator operand_type_end ()
operand_type_range getOperandTypes ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from mlir::OpTrait::TraitBase< ConcreteType, TraitType >
OperationgetOperation ()
 Return the ultimate Operation being worked on. More...

Detailed Description

template<unsigned N>
template<typename ConcreteType>
class mlir::OpTrait::NOperands< N >::Impl< ConcreteType >

Definition at line 478 of file OpDefinition.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ verifyTrait()

template<unsigned N>
template<typename ConcreteType >
static LogicalResult mlir::OpTrait::NOperands< N >::Impl< ConcreteType >::verifyTrait ( Operation op)

Definition at line 481 of file OpDefinition.h.

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