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mlir::ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder Class Reference

Helper class that builds a bound for a shaped value dimension or index-typed value. More...

#include "mlir/Interfaces/ValueBoundsOpInterface.h"

Public Member Functions

BoundBuilderoperator[] (int64_t dim)
 Specify a dimension, assuming that the underlying value is a shaped value. More...
void operator< (AffineExpr expr)
void operator<= (AffineExpr expr)
void operator> (AffineExpr expr)
void operator>= (AffineExpr expr)
void operator== (AffineExpr expr)
void operator< (OpFoldResult ofr)
void operator<= (OpFoldResult ofr)
void operator> (OpFoldResult ofr)
void operator>= (OpFoldResult ofr)
void operator== (OpFoldResult ofr)
void operator< (int64_t i)
void operator<= (int64_t i)
void operator> (int64_t i)
void operator>= (int64_t i)
void operator== (int64_t i)

Protected Member Functions

 BoundBuilder (ValueBoundsConstraintSet &cstr, Value value)


class ValueBoundsConstraintSet

Detailed Description

Helper class that builds a bound for a shaped value dimension or index-typed value.

Definition at line 73 of file ValueBoundsOpInterface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BoundBuilder()

mlir::ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::BoundBuilder ( ValueBoundsConstraintSet cstr,
Value  value 

Definition at line 98 of file ValueBoundsOpInterface.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator<() [1/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator< ( AffineExpr  expr)

◆ operator<() [2/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator< ( int64_t  i)

◆ operator<() [3/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator< ( OpFoldResult  ofr)

◆ operator<=() [1/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator<= ( AffineExpr  expr)

Definition at line 930 of file ValueBoundsOpInterface.cpp.

References mlir::presburger::operator<().

◆ operator<=() [2/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator<= ( int64_t  i)

◆ operator<=() [3/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator<= ( OpFoldResult  ofr)

◆ operator==() [1/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator== ( AffineExpr  expr)

◆ operator==() [2/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator== ( int64_t  i)

◆ operator==() [3/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator== ( OpFoldResult  ofr)

◆ operator>() [1/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator> ( AffineExpr  expr)

Definition at line 934 of file ValueBoundsOpInterface.cpp.

References mlir::presburger::operator>=().

◆ operator>() [2/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator> ( int64_t  i)

◆ operator>() [3/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator> ( OpFoldResult  ofr)

◆ operator>=() [1/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator>= ( AffineExpr  expr)

◆ operator>=() [2/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator>= ( int64_t  i)

◆ operator>=() [3/3]

void ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator>= ( OpFoldResult  ofr)

◆ operator[]()

ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder & ValueBoundsConstraintSet::BoundBuilder::operator[] ( int64_t  dim)

Specify a dimension, assuming that the underlying value is a shaped value.

Definition at line 914 of file ValueBoundsOpInterface.cpp.

References assertValidValueDim().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ ValueBoundsConstraintSet

Definition at line 97 of file ValueBoundsOpInterface.h.

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