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mlir::tblgen::Pattern Class Reference

#include "mlir/TableGen/Pattern.h"

Public Types

using IdentifierLine = std::pair< StringRef, unsigned >

Public Member Functions

 Pattern (const llvm::Record *def, RecordOperatorMap *mapper)
DagNode getSourcePattern () const
int getNumResultPatterns () const
DagNode getResultPattern (unsigned index) const
void collectSourcePatternBoundSymbols (SymbolInfoMap &infoMap)
void collectResultPatternBoundSymbols (SymbolInfoMap &infoMap)
const OperatorgetSourceRootOp ()
OperatorgetDialectOp (DagNode node)
std::vector< AppliedConstraintgetConstraints () const
int getNumSupplementalPatterns () const
DagNode getSupplementalPattern (unsigned index) const
int getBenefit () const
std::vector< IdentifierLinegetLocation () const
void collectBoundSymbols (DagNode tree, SymbolInfoMap &infoMap, bool isSrcPattern)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 555 of file Pattern.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ IdentifierLine

using mlir::tblgen::Pattern::IdentifierLine = std::pair<StringRef, unsigned>

Definition at line 596 of file Pattern.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Pattern()

Pattern::Pattern ( const llvm::Record *  def,
RecordOperatorMap mapper 

Definition at line 617 of file Pattern.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ collectBoundSymbols()

void Pattern::collectBoundSymbols ( DagNode  tree,
SymbolInfoMap infoMap,
bool  isSrcPattern 

◆ collectResultPatternBoundSymbols()

void Pattern::collectResultPatternBoundSymbols ( SymbolInfoMap infoMap)

Definition at line 644 of file Pattern.cpp.

References collectBoundSymbols(), getNumResultPatterns(), and getResultPattern().

◆ collectSourcePatternBoundSymbols()

void Pattern::collectSourcePatternBoundSymbols ( SymbolInfoMap infoMap)

◆ getBenefit()

int mlir::tblgen::Pattern::getBenefit ( ) const

◆ getConstraints()

std::vector< AppliedConstraint > Pattern::getConstraints ( ) const

Definition at line 661 of file Pattern.cpp.

◆ getDialectOp()

Operator & Pattern::getDialectOp ( DagNode  node)

Definition at line 657 of file Pattern.cpp.

References mlir::tblgen::DagNode::getDialectOp().

◆ getLocation()

std::vector< Pattern::IdentifierLine > Pattern::getLocation ( ) const

Definition at line 711 of file Pattern.cpp.

◆ getNumResultPatterns()

int Pattern::getNumResultPatterns ( ) const

Definition at line 624 of file Pattern.cpp.

Referenced by collectResultPatternBoundSymbols().

◆ getNumSupplementalPatterns()

int Pattern::getNumSupplementalPatterns ( ) const

Definition at line 689 of file Pattern.cpp.

◆ getResultPattern()

DagNode Pattern::getResultPattern ( unsigned  index) const

Definition at line 629 of file Pattern.cpp.

Referenced by collectResultPatternBoundSymbols().

◆ getSourcePattern()

DagNode Pattern::getSourcePattern ( ) const

Definition at line 620 of file Pattern.cpp.

Referenced by collectSourcePatternBoundSymbols(), and getSourceRootOp().

◆ getSourceRootOp()

const Operator & Pattern::getSourceRootOp ( )

Definition at line 653 of file Pattern.cpp.

References mlir::tblgen::DagNode::getDialectOp(), and getSourcePattern().

◆ getSupplementalPattern()

DagNode Pattern::getSupplementalPattern ( unsigned  index) const

Definition at line 694 of file Pattern.cpp.

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