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mlir::shape Namespace Reference


struct  ShapeMappingValue
 ShapeMappingValue works as the value of ShapeMappingAnalysis table, where funcSymbol is the symbol of mapping function, and inputs are the actual parameters for the function. More...
struct  ShapeMappingAnalysis
 ShapeMappingAnalysis is used together with OutlineShapeComputationPass to preserve Value and corresponding shape function / arguments mapping information. More...


RankedTensorType getExtentTensorType (MLIRContext *ctx, int64_t rank=ShapedType::kDynamic)
 Alias type for extent tensors. More...
bool isExtentTensorType (Type)
LogicalResult getShapeVec (Value input, SmallVectorImpl< int64_t > &shapeValues)
void registerBufferizableOpInterfaceExternalModels (DialectRegistry &registry)

Function Documentation

◆ getExtentTensorType()

RankedTensorType mlir::shape::getExtentTensorType ( MLIRContext ctx,
int64_t  rank = ShapedType::kDynamic 

Alias type for extent tensors.

Definition at line 40 of file Shape.cpp.

References mlir::get().

◆ getShapeVec()

LogicalResult mlir::shape::getShapeVec ( Value  input,
SmallVectorImpl< int64_t > &  shapeValues 

◆ isExtentTensorType()

bool mlir::shape::isExtentTensorType ( Type  type)

Definition at line 44 of file Shape.cpp.

◆ registerBufferizableOpInterfaceExternalModels()

void mlir::shape::registerBufferizableOpInterfaceExternalModels ( DialectRegistry registry)