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mlir::shape Namespace Reference


RankedTensorType getExtentTensorType (MLIRContext *ctx, int64_t rank=ShapedType::kDynamicSize)
 Alias type for extent tensors. More...
bool isExtentTensorType (Type)
LogicalResult getShapeVec (Value input, SmallVectorImpl< int64_t > &shapeValues)
void registerBufferizableOpInterfaceExternalModels (DialectRegistry &registry)

Function Documentation

◆ getExtentTensorType()

RankedTensorType mlir::shape::getExtentTensorType ( MLIRContext ctx,
int64_t  rank = ShapedType::kDynamicSize 

Alias type for extent tensors.

Definition at line 39 of file Shape.cpp.

Referenced by eachHasOnlyOneOfTypes().

◆ getShapeVec()

LogicalResult mlir::shape::getShapeVec ( Value  input,
SmallVectorImpl< int64_t > &  shapeValues 

◆ isExtentTensorType()

bool mlir::shape::isExtentTensorType ( Type  type)

Definition at line 43 of file Shape.cpp.

References mlir::Type::dyn_cast().

Referenced by eachHasOnlyOneOfTypes().

◆ registerBufferizableOpInterfaceExternalModels()

void mlir::shape::registerBufferizableOpInterfaceExternalModels ( DialectRegistry registry)