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MlirOperationState Struct Reference

An auxiliary class for constructing operations. More...

#include "mlir-c/IR.h"

Public Attributes

MlirStringRef name
MlirLocation location
intptr_t nResults
MlirType * results
intptr_t nOperands
MlirValue * operands
intptr_t nRegions
MlirRegion * regions
intptr_t nSuccessors
MlirBlock * successors
intptr_t nAttributes
bool enableResultTypeInference

Detailed Description

An auxiliary class for constructing operations.

This class contains all the information necessary to construct the operation. It owns the MlirRegions it has pointers to and does not own anything else. By default, the state can be constructed from a name and location, the latter being also used to access the context, and has no other components. These components can be added progressively until the operation is constructed. Users are not expected to rely on the internals of this class and should use mlirOperationState* functions instead.

Definition at line 340 of file IR.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ attributes

MlirNamedAttribute* MlirOperationState::attributes

Definition at line 352 of file IR.h.

◆ enableResultTypeInference

bool MlirOperationState::enableResultTypeInference

Definition at line 353 of file IR.h.

◆ location

MlirLocation MlirOperationState::location

Definition at line 342 of file IR.h.

◆ name

MlirStringRef MlirOperationState::name

Definition at line 341 of file IR.h.

◆ nAttributes

intptr_t MlirOperationState::nAttributes

Definition at line 351 of file IR.h.

◆ nOperands

intptr_t MlirOperationState::nOperands

Definition at line 345 of file IR.h.

◆ nRegions

intptr_t MlirOperationState::nRegions

Definition at line 347 of file IR.h.

◆ nResults

intptr_t MlirOperationState::nResults

Definition at line 343 of file IR.h.

◆ nSuccessors

intptr_t MlirOperationState::nSuccessors

Definition at line 349 of file IR.h.

◆ operands

MlirValue* MlirOperationState::operands

Definition at line 346 of file IR.h.

◆ regions

MlirRegion* MlirOperationState::regions

Definition at line 348 of file IR.h.

◆ results

MlirType* MlirOperationState::results

Definition at line 344 of file IR.h.

◆ successors

MlirBlock* MlirOperationState::successors

Definition at line 350 of file IR.h.

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