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NestedMatcher.h File Reference
#include "mlir/IR/BuiltinOps.h"
#include "mlir/IR/Operation.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Allocator.h"
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class  mlir::NestedMatch
 An NestedPattern captures nested patterns in the IR. More...
class  mlir::NestedPattern
class  mlir::NestedPatternContext
 RAII structure to transparently manage the bump allocator for NestedPattern and NestedMatch classes. More...


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using mlir::FilterFunctionType = std::function< bool(Operation &)>
 A NestedPattern is a nested operation walker that: More...


bool mlir::defaultFilterFunction (Operation &)
NestedPattern mlir::matcher::Op (FilterFunctionType filter=defaultFilterFunction)
NestedPattern mlir::matcher::If (const NestedPattern &child)
NestedPattern mlir::matcher::If (const FilterFunctionType &filter, const NestedPattern &child)
NestedPattern mlir::matcher::If (ArrayRef< NestedPattern > nested={})
NestedPattern mlir::matcher::If (const FilterFunctionType &filter, ArrayRef< NestedPattern > nested={})
NestedPattern mlir::matcher::For (const NestedPattern &child)
NestedPattern mlir::matcher::For (const FilterFunctionType &filter, const NestedPattern &child)
NestedPattern mlir::matcher::For (ArrayRef< NestedPattern > nested={})
NestedPattern mlir::matcher::For (const FilterFunctionType &filter, ArrayRef< NestedPattern > nested={})
bool mlir::matcher::isParallelLoop (Operation &op)
bool mlir::matcher::isReductionLoop (Operation &op)
bool mlir::matcher::isLoadOrStore (Operation &op)