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SymbolTable.h File Reference
#include "mlir/IR/Attributes.h"
#include "mlir/IR/OpDefinition.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/SetVector.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringMap.h"
#include "llvm/Support/RWMutex.h"
#include "mlir/IR/"

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class  mlir::SymbolTable
 This class allows for representing and managing the symbol table used by operations with the 'SymbolTable' trait. More...
class  mlir::SymbolTable::SymbolUse
 This class represents a specific symbol use. More...
class  mlir::SymbolTable::UseRange
 This class implements a range of SymbolRef uses. More...
class  mlir::SymbolTableCollection
 This class represents a collection of SymbolTables. More...
class  mlir::LockedSymbolTableCollection
 This class implements a lock-based shared wrapper around a symbol table collection that allows shared access to the collection of symbol tables. More...
class  mlir::SymbolUserMap
 This class represents a map of symbols to users, and provides efficient implementations of symbol queries related to users; such as collecting the users of a symbol, replacing all uses, etc. More...
class  mlir::OpTrait::SymbolTable< ConcreteType >
 A trait used to provide symbol table functionalities to a region operation. More...


 Include the generated interface declarations.
 Detect if any of the given parameter types has a sub-element handler.
 Attribute collections provide a dictionary-like interface.


raw_ostream & mlir::operator<< (raw_ostream &os, SymbolTable::Visibility visibility)
LogicalResult mlir::detail::verifySymbolTable (Operation *op)
LogicalResult mlir::detail::verifySymbol (Operation *op)
ParseResult mlir::impl::parseOptionalVisibilityKeyword (OpAsmParser &parser, NamedAttrList &attrs)
 Parse an optional visibility attribute keyword (i.e., public, private, or nested) without quotes in a string attribute named 'attrName'. More...