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mlir::tblgen::Constraint Class Reference

#include "mlir/TableGen/Constraint.h"

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Public Types

enum  Kind {
  CK_Attr , CK_Region , CK_Successor , CK_Type ,

Public Member Functions

 Constraint (const llvm::Record *record, Kind kind)
 Constraint (const llvm::Record *record)
bool operator== (const Constraint &that)
 Constraints are pointer-comparable. More...
bool operator!= (const Constraint &that)
Pred getPredicate () const
std::string getConditionTemplate () const
StringRef getSummary () const
StringRef getDescription () const
StringRef getDefName () const
 Returns the name of the TablGen def of this constraint. More...
std::string getUniqueDefName () const
 Returns a unique name for the TablGen def of this constraint. More...
Kind getKind () const
const llvm::Record & getDef () const
 Return the underlying def. More...

Protected Attributes

const llvm::Record * def

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file Constraint.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Kind


Definition at line 33 of file Constraint.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Constraint() [1/2]

mlir::tblgen::Constraint::Constraint ( const llvm::Record *  record,
Kind  kind 

Definition at line 36 of file Constraint.h.

◆ Constraint() [2/2]

Constraint::Constraint ( const llvm::Record *  record)

Definition at line 19 of file Constraint.cpp.

References CK_Attr, CK_Region, CK_Successor, CK_Type, and def.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getConditionTemplate()

std::string Constraint::getConditionTemplate ( ) const

◆ getDef()

const llvm::Record& mlir::tblgen::Constraint::getDef ( ) const

Return the underlying def.

Definition at line 75 of file Constraint.h.

References def.

◆ getDefName()

StringRef Constraint::getDefName ( ) const

Returns the name of the TablGen def of this constraint.

In some cases where the current def is anonymous, the name of the base def is used (e.g. std::optional<>/Variadic<> type constraints).

Definition at line 66 of file Constraint.cpp.

References def.

◆ getDescription()

StringRef Constraint::getDescription ( ) const

Definition at line 62 of file Constraint.cpp.

References def.

◆ getKind()

Kind mlir::tblgen::Constraint::getKind ( ) const

◆ getPredicate()

Pred Constraint::getPredicate ( ) const

Definition at line 39 of file Constraint.cpp.

References def.

Referenced by getConditionTemplate(), and mlir::tblgen::NamedTypeConstraint::hasPredicate().

◆ getSummary()

StringRef Constraint::getSummary ( ) const

Definition at line 55 of file Constraint.cpp.

References def.

◆ getUniqueDefName()

std::string Constraint::getUniqueDefName ( ) const

Returns a unique name for the TablGen def of this constraint.

This is generally just the name of the def, but in some cases where the current def is anonymous, the name of the base def is attached (to provide more context on the def).

Definition at line 72 of file Constraint.cpp.

References def.

◆ operator!=()

bool mlir::tblgen::Constraint::operator!= ( const Constraint that)

Definition at line 42 of file Constraint.h.

References def.

◆ operator==()

bool mlir::tblgen::Constraint::operator== ( const Constraint that)

Constraints are pointer-comparable.

Definition at line 41 of file Constraint.h.

References def.

Member Data Documentation

◆ def

const llvm::Record* mlir::tblgen::Constraint::def

Definition at line 79 of file Constraint.h.

Referenced by Constraint(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttr::genSpecializedAttr(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttr::getAllCases(), mlir::tblgen::Attribute::getAttrDefName(), mlir::tblgen::Attribute::getBaseAttr(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttr::getBaseAttrClass(), mlir::tblgen::TypeConstraint::getBuilderCall(), mlir::tblgen::Attribute::getConstBuilderTemplate(), mlir::tblgen::Attribute::getConvertFromStorageCall(), mlir::tblgen::TypeConstraint::getCPPClassName(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttr::getCppNamespace(), mlir::tblgen::Attribute::getDef(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttrCase::getDef(), getDef(), mlir::tblgen::Attribute::getDefaultValue(), getDefName(), mlir::tblgen::Attribute::getDerivedCodeBody(), getDescription(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttr::getEnumClassName(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttr::getMaxEnumValFnName(), getPredicate(), mlir::tblgen::Attribute::getReturnType(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttr::getSpecializedAttrClassName(), mlir::tblgen::Attribute::getStorageType(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttrCase::getStr(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttr::getStringToSymbolFnName(), getSummary(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttrCase::getSymbol(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttr::getSymbolToStringFnName(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttr::getSymbolToStringFnRetType(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttr::getUnderlyingToSymbolFnName(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttr::getUnderlyingType(), getUniqueDefName(), mlir::tblgen::EnumAttrCase::getValue(), mlir::tblgen::Attribute::getValueType(), mlir::tblgen::TypeConstraint::getVariadicOfVariadicSegmentSizeAttr(), mlir::tblgen::Attribute::hasDefaultValue(), mlir::tblgen::Attribute::isConstBuildable(), mlir::tblgen::TypeConstraint::isOptional(), mlir::tblgen::AttrConstraint::isSubClassOf(), mlir::tblgen::Attribute::isSymbolRefAttr(), mlir::tblgen::Region::isVariadic(), mlir::tblgen::Successor::isVariadic(), mlir::tblgen::TypeConstraint::isVariadic(), mlir::tblgen::TypeConstraint::isVariadicOfVariadic(), operator!=(), operator==(), and mlir::tblgen::EnumAttr::printBitEnumPrimaryGroups().

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