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mlir::linalg::ControlDropUnitDims Struct Reference

Transformation to drop unit-extent dimensions from linalg.generic operations. More...

#include "mlir/Dialect/Linalg/Transforms/Transforms.h"

Public Types

enum class  RankReductionStrategy { ReassociativeReshape , ExtractInsertSlice }
using ControlFnTy = std::function< SmallVector< unsigned >(Operation *)>

Public Attributes

RankReductionStrategy rankReductionStrategy
ControlFnTy controlFn

Detailed Description

Transformation to drop unit-extent dimensions from linalg.generic operations.

Definition at line 474 of file Transforms.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ControlFnTy

Definition at line 480 of file Transforms.h.

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Definition at line 475 of file Transforms.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ controlFn

ControlFnTy mlir::linalg::ControlDropUnitDims::controlFn
Initial value:
= [](Operation *op) {
if (auto genericOp = dyn_cast_or_null<GenericOp>(op)) {
return llvm::to_vector(llvm::seq<unsigned>(0, genericOp.getNumLoops()));
if (auto padOp = dyn_cast_or_null<tensor::PadOp>(op)) {
return llvm::to_vector(
llvm::seq<unsigned>(0, padOp.getSourceType().getRank()));
return SmallVector<unsigned>{};

Definition at line 481 of file Transforms.h.

◆ rankReductionStrategy

RankReductionStrategy mlir::linalg::ControlDropUnitDims::rankReductionStrategy

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