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mlir::bufferization::func_ext Namespace Reference


struct  CallOpInterface
struct  FuncAnalysisState
 Extra analysis state that is required for bufferization of function boundaries. More...
struct  FuncOpInterface
struct  ReturnOpInterface


enum  FuncOpAnalysisState { FuncOpAnalysisState::NotAnalyzed, FuncOpAnalysisState::InProgress, FuncOpAnalysisState::Analyzed }
 The state of analysis of a FuncOp. More...


void registerBufferizableOpInterfaceExternalModels (DialectRegistry &registry)
static func::ReturnOp getAssumedUniqueReturnOp (FuncOp funcOp)
 Return the unique ReturnOp that terminates funcOp. More...
static BaseMemRefType getBufferizedFunctionArgType (FuncOp funcOp, int64_t index, const BufferizationOptions &options)
 Return the index-th bufferized function argument type. More...
static FuncOp getCalledFunction (CallOpInterface callOp)
 Return the FuncOp called by callOp. More...
static const FuncAnalysisStategetFuncAnalysisState (const AnalysisState &state)
 Get FuncAnalysisState. More...
static FuncOpAnalysisState getFuncOpAnalysisState (const AnalysisState &state, FuncOp funcOp)
 Return the state (phase) of analysis of the FuncOp. More...
static Optional< int64_t > getEquivalentFuncArgIdx (FuncOp funcOp, const FuncAnalysisState &state, int64_t returnValIdx)
 Return the index of the bbArg in the given FuncOp that is equivalent to the specified return value (if any). More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ FuncOpAnalysisState

The state of analysis of a FuncOp.


Definition at line 24 of file FuncBufferizableOpInterfaceImpl.h.

Function Documentation

◆ getAssumedUniqueReturnOp()

static func::ReturnOp mlir::bufferization::func_ext::getAssumedUniqueReturnOp ( FuncOp  funcOp)

Return the unique ReturnOp that terminates funcOp.

Return nullptr if there is no such unique ReturnOp.

Definition at line 47 of file FuncBufferizableOpInterfaceImpl.cpp.

Referenced by mlir::bufferization::func_ext::FuncOpInterface::bufferize(), foldMemRefCasts(), and getAssumedUniqueReturnOp().

◆ getBufferizedFunctionArgType()

static BaseMemRefType mlir::bufferization::func_ext::getBufferizedFunctionArgType ( FuncOp  funcOp,
int64_t  index,
const BufferizationOptions options 

Return the index-th bufferized function argument type.

This assumes that the specified argument is a tensor. If the tensor is ranked, a layout map may be specified by the user. If no layout map is specified, the default layout map (as per options.functionBoundaryTypeConversion) is used.

Definition at line 64 of file FuncBufferizableOpInterfaceImpl.cpp.

References mlir::Type::dyn_cast(), mlir::bufferization::BufferizationOptions::functionBoundaryTypeConversion, mlir::bufferization::getMemRefTypeWithFullyDynamicLayout(), mlir::bufferization::getMemRefTypeWithStaticIdentityLayout(), and mlir::bufferization::BufferizationOptions::IdentityLayoutMap.

Referenced by mlir::bufferization::func_ext::FuncOpInterface::bufferize().

◆ getCalledFunction()

static FuncOp mlir::bufferization::func_ext::getCalledFunction ( CallOpInterface  callOp)

◆ getEquivalentFuncArgIdx()

static Optional<int64_t> mlir::bufferization::func_ext::getEquivalentFuncArgIdx ( FuncOp  funcOp,
const FuncAnalysisState state,
int64_t  returnValIdx 

Return the index of the bbArg in the given FuncOp that is equivalent to the specified return value (if any).

Definition at line 128 of file FuncBufferizableOpInterfaceImpl.cpp.

References mlir::bufferization::func_ext::FuncAnalysisState::equivalentFuncArgs, and None.

Referenced by mlir::bufferization::func_ext::CallOpInterface::bufferRelation().

◆ getFuncAnalysisState()

static const FuncAnalysisState& mlir::bufferization::func_ext::getFuncAnalysisState ( const AnalysisState state)

◆ getFuncOpAnalysisState()

static FuncOpAnalysisState mlir::bufferization::func_ext::getFuncOpAnalysisState ( const AnalysisState state,
FuncOp  funcOp 

◆ registerBufferizableOpInterfaceExternalModels()

void mlir::bufferization::func_ext::registerBufferizableOpInterfaceExternalModels ( DialectRegistry registry)