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mlir::linalg::TiledLinalgOp Struct Reference

Perform standalone tiling of a single LinalgOp by tileSizes. More...

#include "mlir/Dialect/Linalg/Transforms/Transforms.h"

Public Attributes

LinalgOp op
SmallVector< Operation *, 8 > loops
SmallVector< Value, 4 > tensorResults

Detailed Description

Perform standalone tiling of a single LinalgOp by tileSizes.

and permute the loop nest according to interchangeVector The permutation is expressed as a list of integers that specify the new ordering of the loop nest. The length of interchangeVector must be equal to the length of tileSizes. An empty vector is interpreted as the identity permutation and the transformation returns early.

Return a struct containing the tiled loops in the specified order and the cloned op if successful, std::nullopt otherwise.

E.g. the permutation (i,j,k) -> (j,k,i) is expressed by interchangeVector = [1,2,0]. All values in interchangeVector must be integers, in the range 0..tileSizes.size() without duplications (i.e. [1,1,2] is an invalid permutation).

Definition at line 661 of file Transforms.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ loops

SmallVector<Operation *, 8> mlir::linalg::TiledLinalgOp::loops

Definition at line 663 of file Transforms.h.

◆ op

LinalgOp mlir::linalg::TiledLinalgOp::op

Definition at line 662 of file Transforms.h.

◆ tensorResults

SmallVector<Value, 4> mlir::linalg::TiledLinalgOp::tensorResults

Definition at line 664 of file Transforms.h.

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